Solar Harvester ltd

           Registered Office: - 61 Bridge Street, Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3DJ

Solar Hot Water, Solar Harvester Installation and Testing Maintainance of PV Systems, Battery Storage,

Provides hot water from existing solar PV panels

Saves hundreds of pounds annually on your energy bills

Returns on investment in less than three years

Includes 10-year return-to-base replacement guarantee

Operates with a zero threshold export to the grid

Reduces your CO2 emissions

Requires no plumbing alterations

Works even on cloudy days

Installs quickly and easily

Complies with CE and British Standards

Engineered to last 25 years

Keeps indoor frost away when heating is off

Provides hot water in remote locations

Incorporates built-in overheating protection

Provides hot water instantly on return home from holiday

Works independently of solar installation

Uses compact and robust aluminium construction to prevent corrosion

Watch the Solic 200 at work as it diverts the energy being generated by a solar installation to a immersion heater - and stops the electricity meter

Award - winning SOLiC 200, Designed in Britain, built in Britain Contact Us