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Testing for Safety and Compliance Stay Safe and be insurance claim ready Periodic Testing Could Save you a lot of Money

Compliance with IEC 62446

 Certificate Data

Periodic inspection and

testing of PV installations


Solar Panel Cleaning Maximizes Your Feed in Tariff Returns Panels re-newed to original condition

The use of  Deionized water is used to ensure all dirt and grime is clear from the panels


 Nano Shell

Extra Protection


The Nanoshell coating on solar panel properties stops dust and

bird faeces from sticking to PV panels,- keeping them clean, :-

Maintaining their efficiency,- ensuring the maximum amount

of electricity is produced!.

NanoShell coating properties,- repels water more quickly than,- uncoated self-cleaning.

Professionally clean your panels

Pure Deionized

   Panel Valeting

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Solar PV system repairs from £90  

     Repairs and Maintenance.

Has your original installer ceased trading?

                          No problem.

   We take on repairs to all solar photovoltaic    installations, even if we did not originally

   install them.

       To find out more just give us a call on:-

    0791 220 8344, or email

If your home is being re-roofed or undergoing alterations then we can temporarily remove

your panels then re-fit them afterwards.

       As an early adopter of Solar PV

          you will have already seen the

          benefits of your system


         We all regularly service our cars,

                   boilers and heating,

   It is equally as important to service and    maintain this * asset to ensure its continued    operation and safety,

   Ultimately it is generating revenue for

   you and whilst many of us don’t consider

   the implications of failure this can be    substantial in terms of loss of revenue

   and disruption.

  Regular periodical testing and maintenance   reduces this risk substantially and highlights   any potential issues in the future meaning

  that you can plan for these eventualities

  and reduce the risk.

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Maintenace plan


       Solar PV panels are incredibly efficient at harnessing the suns energy by working even when

    the sun is obscured by clouds.

   However over time natural build-up of debris such as bird excrement, leaves, and moss can    

   reduce the potential output of your panels by up to 30%.

   In order to ensure you are getting the most out of your solar panels for the longevity of your    

   ownership; Solar PV maintenance is a must.

   For example, a standard home owner who has sixteen 250 watt panels, that equates to a 4kW    system would generate £15,000 profit over 20 years.

   With a loss of output of 30% you could see that figure plummet to nearer £10,000.

   You should also be aware of the surroundings and prevent objects such as trees from    overshadowing the panels as times goes on. Solar Harvester are proficient in maintaining your    
solar panels and are able to set up planned servicing upon initial installation to give you that    important piece of mind when investing into having solar panels installed to your premises.

 Panel Cleaning, Maximize Your feed in Tariff Returns !

  Cleaning Solar Panels

       Regains maximum efficiancy