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Storage Systems - Self Consumption Packages

 This special offer made up of the following items:

1 x Pylon US2000B Plus 2.4kWh Li-Ion Battery

1 x GoodWe GW2500-BP DC Charge Controller

1 x Cable Pack for US2000B / Phantom-S Batteries  

1 x Cat 5e Terminated RJ45 Ivory Shielded - 10m  

1 x Cat 5e Terminated RJ45 Ivory Shielded - 3m  

This self-consumption package combines the

GoodWe BP 2500 with a 2.4kWh Li-Lion battery

from Pylontech.


The GoodWe BP series DC energy-storage system is

compatible with most single phase on-grid inverters


Retrofittable perfection.

                 The Pylon batteries are modular.


You can fit one and then add another at a later date if the energy needs on site change.

Mode 1 Condition: PV ON; Peak Generation Energy produced by the PV system is for self-consumption optimization. Solar energy will firstly support the load, secondly it will charge the battery and finally export to the grid or draw from the grid, if the load demands more energy.

£1,270 + vat



GoodWe Domestic DC Storage System with Pylon

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