Solar Harvester ltd

           Registered Office: - 61 Bridge Street, Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3DJ

Solar Panels & Battery Storage

Winter SALE:- Solar Systems with Fantastic Savings  £2,000/£4,000          



Battery storage on a shoestring!

                         Not quite ready to buy Solar Panels?

                 But would like to save off your electricity bills

                            In properties without any solar!

   “YES                          EVEN FOR PROPERTIES WITHOUT SOLAR”

  Enabling the end user to store cheap overnight electricity for use :-

                         During High-Tariff Periods

Advanced BMS optimises battery usage and life span.

IP65 outdoor rated -

-suitable for multiple installation environments.


Inverter independent

• Natural cooling means no fan noise

• Optional Stand-alone mode                                             

• Based on 5th generation of Solis inverters                      Solis RAI AC Coupled Inverter                    

• Competitively priced                                                               

Only the Best Solar Panels for Quality and Efficiency

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