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Battery Storage, or New to Solar What`s it all about ?

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Battery Options for Everyone:- Every household has its own energy requirements. That`s why the X-Hybrid was developed to work with most of the market leading lithium-ion batteries available today all ranging in different sizes, enabling people to create a storage bank specifically tailored their energy needs. With storage options ranging from 4.5 kWh to 25.2 kWh, the X-Hybrid will power a detached house, a multi-family house or even small bungalows.

You can make any spare charge you don`t need at home available to the National Grid, helping to ease the strain on the Grid at peak times.

   And Moixa pay you for it - - -

All without effecting your existing  

       feed in tariff payments

  Making hay while the sun shines

       So, solar power. Brilliant stuff.

 Trouble is, the sun doesn’t tend to  shine  at night. That’s when your  home  needs  power the most.

 And whatever you don’t use during  the day gets exported back to the Grid.


       Enter the Moixa Smart Battery.

 It squirrels away all that lovely power

 generated during the day for you to  use in your power-hungry evenings.



   Battery Storage:- a Custtomers experience,

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            Grid Paid ?

     You know/Knew about the feed in Tariff ! Do you know about Grid Share ?

                                      Save, Earn & Trade Your Energy

                          “Using Solar, Battery Storage & *Social Energy”

              Go Solar Save up to 70% on your Electricity Bills

Join nearly one million home owners who have unlocked new income through solar, battery storage

and now Social Energy.

                                         See how much you could save on your energy bills today!

(1)  Generate Energy via Your Solar Panels

(2)  Store Your Solar Energy Using Battery Storage

(3)  Trade the Energy You Generate via Social Energy Back to the Grid

(4)   Feed in Tariff Payments are not effected

Solar Panels & Battery Storage - at fair prices

                        Use More of Your Energy

Solar Panels generate the most energy during the day when the sun is shining and when you and

your family tend to use the least energy or have the lowest consumption levels.

With  ever increasing energy prices and the feed-in tariff closed, (see below*Social Energy)

you must make the most out of your solar energy.

The X-Hybrid is the heart of your optimised self-consumption system.

It`s a all-in-one device that manages your solar modules, batteries, electrical appliances and connection to the grid, helping you achieve complete control of your energy and using it as

efficiently as possible.

                                    Stay Protected       

Electricity blackouts are quite rare and will only last for a few minutes, or hours

at the most.  Even so these outages are always unpredictable and can cause problems.

With the X-Hybrid`s built-in emergency power supply you are protected during these

power cuts.

The X-Hybrid will supply your household with stored energy during these power failures ensuring important devices can stay powered until the situation has been sorted.


Solar Kits at Trade Prices, Save Thousands even DIY Solar

                  Solar Harvester makes

                      Solar Affordable -

     -Without Compromising on Quality.   

“Services” Testing & Maintenance

     Solar PV systems repairs from £90

            “Repairs and Maintenance”

  “Photovoltaic Solar & Battery Systems”

                  Winter SALE

Solar Systems with Fantastic Savings

                > £2,000/£4,0000            



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Date: 02/10/19 Location: Anglesey
Purpose: Household Consumption
   9.6KWh Energy Source: PV

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